CRUSHin compilation / zine!


A new project that I’m involved in!
The first in the series is OUT NOW!!!
Stay tuned on when and where you’ll be able to buy it online!

“CrushIN is an ongoing project based in Sydney, Australia aiming to make space for women, queer kids and others marginalized by a largely male dominated, heteronormative music scene.

Rooted in DIY politics, crushIN will take the form of an ongoing tape compilation series featuring bands and artists in australia. Containing a zine with lyrics and info about the bands appearing on the comp, these tapes will be sold not-for-profit, with all money going back into the next release in the series.

We are Tara Jayne of ONE BRICK TODAY and kira of DIRTY BIRD DISTRO; 2 cis queer white women who hold radical politics close to our hearts. We are musicians, organizers, show-goers, friends, lovers, pen pals, punx and a billion other things looking to strengthen bonds and open networks of likeminded folk in australia.”


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