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Record label / shows / tours etc.

My name is TaraJayne and OBT is run out of my bedroom in Sydney Australia.

One Brick Today was started with the motivation and intention of supporting / helping provide visibility for women & queer people who are marginalised in a largely straight male scene and part of, or are doing things that  are inspiring to me and those around us within the DIY music world.

Other fun things I’m currently involved in that you could check out-
Canine – the band I sing in.
CRUSHin – a project me and Kira (Dirty Bird Distro) run. A zine/comp series.
Stallion Bikes – A rad queer run Sydney bike shop.

Get in touch!
I also LOVE snail mail and will respond with fun packages.. let me know if you’re into this.
I do run OBT by myself, as well as working full time, playing music myself, and generally being very busy, sometimes this website, mailorder and email isn’t updated as much as I’d like.. but please bare with me, I am incredibly passionate and dedicated to making this project work &  to be as active as possible.

Thanks for your support.

WEBSTORE – onebricktoday.bigcartel.com
EMAIL – onelessfortomorrow@gmail.com
Personal email – tarajaynegill@gmail.com
FB – facebook


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